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A Brief Description

Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. It can be normally at one or more areas of the body. There are different types of arthritis, which can of different causes. Treatment option will varry according to the condition.

Arthritis treatment in Bangalore

Speaking about its epidemiology, this disorder is seen mostly in elders. Now it is seen that young people are also being affected with this disease. Since this disorder is very popular, various myths are also associated with it. Anyways, its awareness, prevention and treatment are surely of high priority.

An obvious question that arises in this context would be: "What exactly is this disease?" The meaning of the disease can be estimated from the name itself. In Greek, 'Artho' means joint and '-itis' corresponds to any associated inflammation. Put together, it is nothing but any inflammation/swelling that occurs to the various joints in the body. Currently there are numerous kinds of this joint disorder.

Before going deep into the disorder, it would be appropriate to a get a bird's eye view about 'inflammation'. The process is quite simple. When the human body has some kind of infection to fight against, it does this mainly by inflammation. White blood cells and associated chemicals fight these against infections. Some of these chemicals cause some leak to occur in the tissues and thus results in swelling. The related nerves get stimulated and this causes pain.

Common Signs & Symptoms

This misdirected inflammation can occur at various parts of human joints. The general symptoms shown can be:

  • Tender appearance of the swollen joint. The joint becomes relatively soft to touch.
  • The joint becomes stiff and is often associated with pain.
  • One may also experience fever like symptoms like chills, headaches, fatigue etc.

When the arthritis becomes severe, there might be other symptoms too.

  • The area becomes less flexible.
  • The associated muscles become very weak.

The reasons that cause arthritis is depended upon the arthritis form. The prominent among them can include the following:

  • Infections. (ex: Lyme disease)
  • Imbalance in metabolism. (ex: pseudo-gout, and gout)
  • Hereditary factors. (ex: Osteoarthritis)
  • Various forms of injury. ( may lead to degenerative arthritis)


Arthritis can take different forms. The prominent ones are rheumatoid arthritis osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, Sjogren's syndrome, gout etc .Some of the major forms of this disorder are discussed in the subsequent topics.