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Joint Replacement

A Brief Description

Joint replacement or more medically known as 'replacement arthroplasty ', is a much discussed orthopedic surgery nowadays. In most cases, the surgery is done on knees and hips. By replacement arthroplasty, we mean a partial or total replacement of a joint ('arthon'). The original or the malfunctioned joint is replaced by what is known as prosthesis. An artificial implant that substitutes the defective body portion is called prosthesis. Prior to these replacement surgeries, pre-operative planning is compulsorily done. This deals with taking the X-ray of the affected joint, designing the implant and then matching the size of the implant to the previously taken X-rays. This process is referred to as templating. An important component of the post-operative procedure is physiotherapy. The procedure is a gradual process wherein the muscle strength and the range of motion of the joint is increased stage-by-stage.