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Limb salvage surgery

A Brief Description

This is a surgical procedure performed as an alternative to amputation. Limb sparing surgery is another name for this procedure. It is primarily used for the removal of soft tissue cancer and the associated bone tissues. The procedure is specifically useful for controlling bone sarcomas and bone tumors. However, it may be also used for soft tissue sarcomas occurring in the extremities. This sort of a surgery is particularly advisable for treating cancer that originate in the limb and gradually spreads to other body parts.

Limb savage can be now seen in more and more patients who are in the verge of limp amputation due to diabetes and for those who are severely affected by degenerative joint and bone disease. Acute cases of limp injuries also find limp salvage as an excellent option.

This process mainly removes the malignancy as well as an inch of the tissues surrounding it. The bone is also replaced if it has been removed. This is done for high grade tumors. For 80 % of soft tissue sarcoma cases, salvage surgery is used as the treatment option. Artificial plates & rods and bone grafts (allograft or autograft ) can act as a bone replacement.

Therefore, there are 3 main stages for the entire surgery. They are cancer removal, prostheses implant and closure of the wound. The procedure may be either succeeded or preceded by chemotherapy and/or radiation.